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Duality is a paradox and yet it is not. I like harmony in my work. For me it consists of two opposing elements merging into one piece. These pieces combine movement and stillness at the same time.

The main thought behind the collection — duality — took me back to Malevich’s black square which I have used previously in my work.

Knot What You Expected

Commissioned by Wallpaper in 2019 for the Salon del Mobile in Milan, this collection was a collaboration with Smythson on the theme of love.

The series of 5 gold rings with precision-crafted knots of coloured Smythson leather explored 5 aspects of love across 5 cultures.

Compressed Lines

After many years of working in different mediums separately, I asked myself the question of why we compartmentalise. Jewellery is separate from sculpture and yet it is the same thing; one a body adornment, the other a visual adornment.

With this collection I wanted to explore the whole nature of exhibiting jewellery alongside sculpture, creating separate pieces that make sense together.

Absence and Presence of Colour

This collection is the meeting point between jewellery, art and geometry. It is inspired by Malevich's black square and the aesthetic and spiritual impact of its simplicity. This minimalist collection takes simple stones like the onyx, and combines them with precious gems like diamonds and garnets to create vivid contrasts and harmonies.


Hearts are probably some of the most recognisable designs and symbols in art. They have been designed, re-designed and re-interpreted in a multitude of ways. Come Valentine's day, the challenge is to to come up with pieces that are both innovative and surprising, but also celebrate a timeless tradition. 


The classic collection is made up of my earliest inspirations and designs that I have explored throughout my career. Their hold on me is so great that I find myself coming back to them again and again in different ways. The classic pearl earrings and my three pronged rings were first designed in 2003 but have reappeared in various ways in every collection I have designed since. 

Karma Series

All action is karma. The effects of actions are karma. Present in early vedantic philosophy, "OM" is the original universal sound. It is all encompassing and unifying. By chanting "OM" we are connecting with our past and embracing the present. These important symbols are cues to remind us of our daily actions or intentions for everyday life. Profits from the Om pendants will go to medical research.

Mythical Heads

The mythical heads were inspired from a trip to Greece in 2013. I have drawn three female mythical heads: Psamathe, Despoina, and Selene, and two male mythical heads: Menelaus and Endymion. These have been cast from gold and echo the iconic masks of Ancient Greek drama.

Gravel to Sky

From pebbles picked up on a beach in Crete, to the pattern of the clouds at dusk, the texture of rocks and bark, these universal symbols have become my inspiration on a classical theme.